Bookbinding and Repair Services

Repairing or Re-binding treasured books and Bibles,
personalised bindings and special projects

Most books which are in a poor condition can be brought back to life by repairing the original binding or creating a new binding. Sometimes this can be straightforward whilst at other times it can be complex and very time consuming, so every book is different. As an experienced bookbinder I will be able to offer no-obligation advice on what is possible and what the likely costs will be.
NEW ENQUIRIES: please be aware that due to the amount of work and special projects already in hand I am currently not accepting any new repair work. My apologies for any inconvenience.
It is nearly impossible to give an accurate price for a given project without seeing the book first hand, but I am ordinarily able to give an indication of an estimated price. Many routine book repairs I deal with are in the price range of roughly £95 to £195. Where the requirements are more complex, for example when there is a significant amount of paper repair needed, re-sewing, or where gold tooling is needed, this can increase to perhaps around £175 to £395 or beyond. The repair of Victorian Family Bibles typically costs in the region £350 to £395 unless there are significant internal repairs to deal with.
The price ranges given above are indicative only and exclude return postage where required. I always give a detailed and firm quotation before commencing any work.
Initially it is a good idea to e-mail me photographs of your book showing areas of damage so I can give you an indication of what may be involved in it’s repair.
Victorian Family Bible repairs
Personalised bindings
Cloth Re-binding
To be fair to all my customers, bookbinding work is accepted on a first-come first-served basis, from receiving written confirmation of acceptance of my quotation. Where I have a large amount of work in hand, this could mean there is a lead time of several weeks or months, so please check beforehand if your project is time-critical.
Posting books to Signature Bindings:
Most customers send their books by post or courier. Please note that doing this is at your own risk and you should notify me in advance that you are sending a parcel. Books will be returned by a similar method unless specifically agreed otherwise. Returned books are insured for loss or damage in transit based on their intrinsic value only.
Where books contain personal, family or sentimental inscriptions or other information, it is advisable to photograph this before sending the book. It is extremely rare that books go missing or are damaged in the post (this has only happened to me once in over fifteen years) but I cannot accept responsibility for such events that are outside my control. You are of course welcome to deliver books personally but please make a mutually agreed appointment to do so.
Please see the Contact page for the postal address of Signature Bindings.