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Bible Repairs

The repair of many Bibles and other theological books is no different to the work done on most other books, but large Victorian Family Bibles offer certain challenges to the binder. This is partly due to the size of the volumes but also due often to the condition of the leather, paper and other elements. Being large and heavy books, the joints have a tendency to split if not handled carefully over the years, and in years gone by these important family volumes will often have been displayed and read in rooms with open fires causing them to dry and crack. The leather used will often suffer from a common condition known as red rot where it degrades and becomes weak and crumbly.

The usual treatment for a large Victorian Family Bible is to replace the leather spine, thereby also renewing the leather joints. The original boards are usually preserved and the original spine cover replaced on top of the new one to ensure the Bible retains its original look as much as possible. The leather is often treated to stabilise any red rot and is usually re-dyed and polished. It would not normally be possible, or desirable, to restore any of the gilt design on the covers, though this may become clearer during the polishing process. New endpapers are normally added along with new internal cloth hinges. Any loose pages at the front or rear can normally be re-attached and the text block strengthened by over-sewing the shoulders before the spine is relined and a new hollow added.

How much should you expect to pay?
I would need to see the Bible first hand before giving you a firm price but I always give you a written quotation before you commit to having any work done. Based on the many large Victorian Bibles I have worked on, you might typically expect to pay in the region of £295 to £450 for a repair, plus return postage if applicable. Of course it may be more or less than that depending on the amount of work required.

As always, please ensure books sent via post or courier are boxed and packed well to avoid damage in transit. I also advise that any family history information containing in Bibles is photographed or copied prior to posting as a back-up in the rare event of loss in transit.

Other Types of Bible and Religious Books

There are of course many types of Bible and religious bindings from 16th century simple leather covered volumes to Masonic Bibles and ornate gold tooled editions.
I frequently work with 'Yapp' bound Bibles and prayer books where the leather covers fold around the edges of smaller books to protect the pages edges when carried in the pocket.
Whatever your requirements and whatever type of book you have from any Faith, you can be assured it will be treated with respect and care.
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