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Book Repairs and Re-binding 

***Please note that, due to other work and projects already in hand, I am not currently accepting repair work from new customers *** 
My apologies for any inconvenience.

There are probably as many types of book repairs as there are books - every one has to be looked at individually to determine the best way to approach a repair. Often it is appropriate to keep as much of the original binding as possible, but equally you may want a totally new binding in the same style as the original, or maybe upgrade to a new style. 
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Bible Repairs

Whether you have a small pocket Bible or prayer book, a large Victorian Family Bible or another treasured religious book from any Faith, Signature Bindings will repair it with respect, care and professionalism. 

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New & Replacement Bindings

When you need to replace the binding on your book, we can create something similar to the original, a simple protective binding or a more bespoke binding to meet your needs.

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A Binding for your Own Book

If you have written your own book - maybe a family history or story book - Signature Bindings can bind it for you. Whether you need just one copy binding or maybe a dozen, we can help you.

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