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New and Replacement Bindings

It may be that the original binding of your book is too badly damaged to be repaired or is missing altogether. In such cases a new binding can usually be made. This may be in the style of the original binding or a new style to suit your own taste. Sometimes the covering cloth from books can be lifted and re-used by incorporating it into the new binding - useful if the original binding was particularly decorative. It may be that a particularly favourite book justifies a more prestigious binding, perhaps in leather, or turning a paperback into a hard-backed volume. Titles, designs and other features can often be incorporated into such new bindings, so talk to us about any particular ideas you may have.

How much would a replacement binding cost?

The cost of a replacement binding is determined by the amount of repair work that may be necessary to get the book block ready for re-binding, and the cost of the binding itself. If the book needs re-sewing or there are paper repairs to be done for example, there will be time required to do that. Similarly, a straightforward cloth case binding is a lower cost option than a partial or full leather binding due to both the cost of materials and also the time involved. Finally, if there are any decorative aspects to the binding such as titling or gold tooling, that would need to be taken into account. No surprise then that every book is different and the cost could vary tremendously. However, the majority of re-binds I undertake probably fall into the broad price range of £95 to £350. 

I am always happy to discuss your requirements, explore the options and give you a no-obligation estimate, though a firm price is only possible once I have seen the book first hand.