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Boxes and Slip Cases 

A box or slip case can both protect your book and add impact and an added element of quality. They are particularly useful for turning a gift of a book into something extra special. 

There are numerous variations available from Signature Bindings Slip cases can be covered with book cloth, decorative paper, leather or a combination of these. You could also have a double slip case, totally enclosing the book for safekeeping, and also have the option of a rounded leathers spine mimicking a traditional book. 

Boxes (often known as drop-back or clam-shell boxes) can be lined with paper, felt or suede. Labels and decoration can also be applied to personalise your boxes. 

Signature Bindings can also offer bespoke wooden boxes, tailor-made in-house, lined with suede and made with quality hardwood like walnut or sycamore. 

Contact Glenn for a discussion about your particular needs.

Bespoke Bindings

If you have a particular idea for a design of a binding, let us know. We can explore with you the options available to make your book that bit more special and personal. we can discuss the materials used in the binding, the decoration of the binding and perhaps the page edges along with thoughts on the endpapers and other decorative elements. 

Clearly the cost of a bespoke binding will depend on the amount of work involved and the materials used, but we can explore the possibilities within your budget and recommend alternative approaches where appropriate.

There is also the possibility of a full design binding for particularly special books which would incorporate all the very best elements of binding design. More information on design bindings by Glenn Malkin can be found at


I am frequently asked to work on some special projects a little out of the ordinary for a bookbinder. These projects in the past have included creating bespoke menu holders and wine list albums, leather photograph folders, a boxed set of blank recipe books, specially designed document albums and unique masonic Bibles. I am also often asked to do small jobs like re-securing a loose leaf in a book, or replacing a marker ribbon. 

So if you think my skills may be able to help you with a particular project, please do get in touch. If it is something I do not think I can undertake with a high degree of proficiency, I may know someone who can, so it is always worth asking!