Signature Bindings - Terms

Postage and Insurance
It is the customer's responsibility to arrange a suitable postal/courier service to have books delivered to Signature Bindings and to have suitable insurance to cover any potential loss or damage. Books should be suitably wrapped and protected and ideally boxed before posting. Please include your return address details and contact information inside the parcel.
On return, books will be packed securely and sent by either post or courier depending on weight and size and usually by the most economical method. This will normally be specified in the quotation along with the cost. No additional insurance will normally be taken out to cover loss in transit, since this would normally be covered by Signature Bindings' business insurance. In the unlikely event a claim is necessary, the customer would be expected to provide whatever information may be required to assist in the claim being processed. Compensation would be limited to the intrinsic value of the book(s). If an alternative delivery method or additional insurance is required from the courier or postal service this may be arranged on request at the additional cost incurred. Signature Bindings accepts no responsibility for loss or damage in transit other than to pursue such an insurance claim where required. The insurance company's decision is deemed to be final in the event of a dispute.
General Terms and Conditions

If you are considering placing an order with Signature Bindings, the following terms and conditions apply:


Prices, designs and details discussed on this web site are indicative only. Every binding or book repair is a unique as the client, so please discuss your needs in detail before you make any decisions.

Signature Bindings will offer you a fixed price for any work to be undertaken, before you commit to buy. However, most work can only be priced accurately once the book(s) in question has been seen. Therefore a fixed price will only be offered once Signature Bindings has had the opportunity to assess the amount of work required. There is still no obligation on the client at this point. Signature Bindings accepts no responsibility for non-arrival of work sent to us by any method, or damage incurred in transit.

Once a schedule of work has been agreed, partial or full payment may be required in advance at the discretion of Signature Bindings. Payments should be by direct bank transfer or by cheque, made payable to 'Glenn Malkin'. Payment can also be accepted via PayPal but please note a 4% surcharge will normally be applied to contribute towards Paypal costs incurred.

Postage and packing costs, where applicable will be added to the price of the work, based upon the agreed delivery requirements of the client. The method of return postage will be specified in the quotation. If the client requests an alternative return postage option that can be arranged and the price adjusted accordingly. 

Written confirmation of the agreed details of the work will be the basis upon which work is carried out. Signature Bindings will not accept responsibility for changes to the instruction made by the client after this point, unless agreed by us in writing. Any/all text for labels or designs should be supplied clearly printed and will form the basis for such elements of the work unless agreed in writing by us in advance. E-mail communications will be accepted for such agreements.

Orders should only be considered accepted by Signature Bindings once the details of your order have been specifically acknowledged and agreed. Signature Bindings reserves the right not to accept orders it is unable to fulfil due to lack of appropriate material, inability to work within the clients timescales, where the scope or scale of work is outside that offered or for any other reason at its sole discretion.

Completed work should be examined on delivery to ensure it meets the high standard set by us and rightly expected by you. Any faults apparent due to the work of Signature Bindings will be corrected free of charge provided we are notified of such faults within 30 days of receipt. Signature Bindings does not accept responsibility for damage due to excessive wear and tear, accidental or malicious damage, postal damage or other problems outside its direct control. Your statutory rights are unaffected by these terms.

Signature Bindings is not registered for VAT so VAT is not charged on invoices.

 Signature Bindings is insured for loss of a book in transit (following completion of work) and damage due to fire, theft or accidental damage.