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  Your book, your style, your choice!   No job too small   Working via the Post
When you are looking for something special, the colour, materials, size and style of your book are important to you. We will be happy to advise you and make recommendations, but you make the decisions about how your book should look! 
Whatever your bookbinding needs may be, talk to us. We are a small business and are happy to discuss your needs however small or specialist they may be. And if we aren't able to offer you a high quality solution we will say so and may be able to point you in the right direction of another supplier.
Working with clients across the UK and overseas presents its own challenges sometimes, but we do work on a postal basis. If you have a specific need it is best to call or e-mail first and discuss your requirements. If it looks like we can help, at a price you are comfortable with, we can then formally confirm details, pricing, designs and materials and decide the best way to ship your book.
 Blank journals and books
We can create a range of hand made books and journals in various sizes, colours and styles, examples of which are illustrated throughout our website. We can of course make books to your own specifications using your choice of materials, style, dimensions and colours. We will always give you a clear price which will of course depend upon the book size, the leather, cloth and other materials used, along with any additional requirements you may have. We will also tell you how long the book will take to make, and we try wherever possible to meet any specific timescales you may be working to.
Whether it is your biography or family history, a novel, children's story or poetry, your creative writing has taken a lot of your time and energy and deserves to be bound in a quality style. Frequently aspiring authors may just want one or two copies of their work bound to be given as gifts, or to keep for future generations. Commercial publishing can be expensive and often produces mediocre, machine-bound volumes which don't reflect the work you put into your writing. We can bind your manuscripts directly, or even print out your work from an MS Word document in a way which allows the pages to be collated and hand-sewn to give a truly handsome, hand bound volume to last a lifetime.

Photograph albums store some of our most treasured memories, so should reflect the images they contain. We can make your photograph album special by customising it to your specific needs - using your choice of materials and colours and to your chosen size. Whether it is for a wedding, a family celebration or just your special holiday, talk to us about designing an album to suit your requirements. Albums are also often purchased with a bespoke presentation box (see below).
We have also re-bound digitally photograph albums that clients have purchased on-line to give them a more personalised look and to ensure they are stong and durable.
 Presentation boxes and slip cases
Perhaps you have a favourite volume you would like to give as a gift, or a precious book you want to protect? A drop-case box is a presentation box designed and hand made specifically for each individual book. As well as looking handsome, being made with complementary materials and colours, it also serves to protect the book from storage and rough handling. Labels can also be attached - perhaps in leather or other material - to suit your individual needs. Similarly, strong hand made slip cases offer handsome shelf protection to valued books. Clearly the dimensions of the book to be protected are critical here, so call us to discuss how to order boxes and cases.
 Old books rebound
Many people have favourite books which are falling apart - perhaps with split spines or lost covers. In truth these books may often be of low intrinsic value, but to you and your family they are very important and prized possessions. We can rebind your books with new boards and new binding in a style and materials of your choice (depending on the nature of the book in question, though we only offer quality hardback designs). Whether a simple durable cloth binding or leather with raised bands on the spine, the choice is always yours. We can also design unique bindings for your books, or bind several books in matching styles.
This approach can usually be applied to any book - whether originally hardbound or paperback.
When you want to keep of much of the original book as possible, it may be possible to repair damage and wear to your books whilst retaining much of the original appearance. This will very much depend on the condition of the book, but most common problems can usually be repaired. Very often, such repairs include replacing a spine, reattaching boards and re-sewing text blocks that have become split.
There is always a balance to be had between the cost of repairing a book and the value it has to you. Frequently, it is not the intrinsic value of the book that is important, but the personal and historical value which makes a repair worthwhile.
Please refer to our seperate section on book repairs, or Click Here.
Creative and design bindings


Perhaps you want your book to have that something extra and unique in its design. Maybe you have ideas about special materials you would like used, graphics or designs you want incorporated, or inlaid leather images on the cover. Perhaps you want a crest or other design in gold foil on the front or a special presentation plate inside the book? We are always happy to explore your ideas and discuss options with you - however creative they may be!
Our Design Bindings are exclusive, original and exciting pieces of art. Each book takes many weeks to complete, and are finished to international competition standards.
Personalised Ring Binders
For the storage of very special materials and documents you may want a suitably special ring binder. Our ring binders are made to your specifications using the same high quality materials and traditional craftmanship we use on all our books.
Choose the size, colours, leathers, decorative papers or cloths. Tell us what labels or titling you need and we will create the perfect binder to suit your needs. Whether traditional (see the photo on the right) or contemporary in design, we are able to give your ring binder the impact you are looking for. 
Please contact us for more information.
 Visitors books, albums and
 specialist books
There are many off-the-shelf albums, visitors books, wedding books, memorial books of condolence and other books with specialist purposes available. However, you often want to make a real impact with these volumes and need something not only of high quality which will last for many years, but which is individually made to your own requirements and personalised for your particular needs. The popularity of commercially printed photograph albums from digital images demonstrates a great innovation, but the bindings can be bland and poor quality. Have your album rebound to reflect the importance of your photographs - as illustrated here.
Whether it is a retirement present, a congratulatory gift or something special for a key client, a hand made book to your own corporate requirements makes a strong statement about how you value the recipient. Perhaps a specially bound edition of a suitable published book with your logo or message on the front would make the right impression. Whatever your needs may be, talk to us to see if we can help or offer suggestions.