Home Libraries

Library Refurbishment, Repairs and Sourcing
There is nothing quite like the luxury and relaxing atmosphere of a well stocked home library to sit back and enjoy reading a favourite novel, research work, or entertain friends.
Serious book lovers often collect hundreds of volumes over many years, sometimes handing down whole libraries of cherished books through the generations. Such investments in literature need not be restricted to stately homes or museums, as more and more discerning people recognise the timeless pleasure of a home library in this increasingly technological age.

Signature Bindings can help support and develop your home library in the following ways: 

Repairing worn books
Inevitably books become worn or damaged over the years and it is important to keep them in good repair so they can continue to be enjoyed for years to come. Whether it is just one book, a part of your collection or a whole library, Signature Bindings can help to restore your books to former glory. Clearly when a lot of books are involved, price and timescales become key considerations, so talk to us without obligation about your book repairs and let us see if we can come up with a solution to your needs together.  
Books may often require new spines, the corners may need repairing, and in some cases, the whole text block may need resewing. At Signature Bindings we take every book seperately, assess what may be required to repair it, detail what work is involved and how much it will cost. We will also discuss any alternatives, such as rebinding so you can make informed decisions.

Rebinding books with a personal or common style
When you want to create true impact in your library, or just want to ensure that future generations see your collection as a whole, you may wish to consider creating a personal binding approach for your books. This may involve rebinding all your books in a particular way - perhaps with a particular colour or type of leather, using specific design features that will be common to all your books, or having your name, crest or initials on every volume.
Such bindings could be traditionally designed in full or partial leather, but could equally be in more contemporary styles using modern bookcloths, decorative papers or other materials.
Talk to Signature Bindings about personalised bindings without obligation and explore the possibilities.
Sourcing new or replacement books
If you are looking to build a home library, you will recognise the time required to source the right books at the right price. For many, this is one of the joys of the process, and can last a lifetime, but if you are hoping to build an impressive library in a relatively short timescale, perhaps for a new or refurbished property, Signature Bindings can help.
Using contacts made over several years within the antiquarian, second hand and new book trade, we can work to your brief to locate, source and supply most types of books - whether it is an entirely new library or just for part of a collection. You just let us know the sort of works, subjects, authors etc. you would like, any specific requirements in terms of dates, editions, bindings, etc, and what budget you may be working to, and we can project manage the sourcing of your library needs for you. Within this process, we can ensure all books are of suitable quality, we could repair or rebind any volumes to your instructions, in fact do whatever is necessary to ensure you get the home library you are dreaming of.
Talk to us now without obligation to see what we can do to help your home library vision become a reality.
Contact Signature Bindings on 0797 2648001 or at glenn@signaturebindings.co.uk to discuss your requirements
(With thanks to M.C. for permission to use photographs of his home library, including several hundred books re-bound by Signature Bindings).