Edition Bindings and Sets

Many quality home libraries include a selection of good quality books published as sets. This might be a collection of one particular author's works, or a selection of related volumes. Over time, these frequently become worn and consequently we are often asked to repair such sets - especially 19th and early 20th century works.
The value of hand binding here is to be able to produce matching volumes using traditional bookbinding techniques with the very best quality materials and re-bound to the highest standards. Signature Bindings works to produce new bindings which reflect the importance of these often valuable sets of books, and either reproduce a style similar to the original or produce a sympathetic contemporary binding where preferred.
The same is true for new publications. If you want several volumes of your own work to be bound as a set, for example, talk to us about your needs and allow us to help you create real impact with your work.
Even to most worn and damaged volumes can be brought back to glory. This example of Dickens Works (left) shows badly damaged covers and lost leather, whilst the repaired set (right) is resplendant after the re-bind in best goatskin half leather and hand marbled papers.
This customer had written a book and wanted several copies for friends and family. He asled for two sets to be made. The first (left) was bound in full leather with a raised skull and crossbones motif on the front and additional design features on the back. Then the cover was distressed to make it look old and worn. These books were presented in a matching leather trimmed slip case.
The second set of the books were bound as case bindings in brown buckram with a similar motif embossed on the covers. 
The books, which included a large number of colour images were also printed by Signature Bindings on 135gsm textured paper using an LED printer.
This set of Moliere's works was in a very poor state, but the rebinding keeps the feel and art deco approach to this set of half leather books. In this case the boards were covered with a red bookcloth and gold tooling was applied on the boards to mirror the original design. Internally, hand marbled end papers were created especially to match the original colours and design.
Frequently, sets like these Thackeray books loose their spines and the boards become
detatched or damaged. Here the original half leather design with marbled paper boards in green and gold has been reproduced using best quality goatskin, and a design similar to the original spine design has been applied in gold foil.
For further information, or to find out how Signature Bindings may be able to help you restore your favourite volumes, please contact us.
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