Bindings for Writers

 Are you a Budding Author?
 Do you just want a small number of
 books printed?
  Do you want a good quality binding
 that will last a lifetime but won't
 cost the Earth?
It is said we all have a book in us somewhere, and with the number of people writing novels, childrens stories, biographies, poetry or family history, this may well be true!
Like most people, you may only want to have a small number of copies of your book for friends or family, or maybe just a single copy to keep yourself. Minimum print runs from larger printers just don't meet these needs and can be unnecessarily expensive. We can produce anything from a single copy up to a dozen or so volumes in a more economically viable way.
There are a number of commercial options around for having books printed and bound, but often the cost is prohibitive and the quality not what you would hope. Let Signature Bindings create something special at an affordable price.
Talk to Signature Bindings about your individual needs now. Some examples of the type of work we can do are suggested below. There are of course many other options and variations on these basic types of binding, so contact us if you would like to look at other approaches.
Please note that Signature Bindings does not proof read work and will bind books as submitted. If proof reading is required, this may be arranged using a third party at an additional cost.
 Standard Case Bound Book
 Round Backed Quarter Leather
 Round Backed Full Leather
When might this style be used?
Your pages are printed onto single sheets of paper forming a simple, flat-spined book block. These could be A5, A4 or a bespoke size of paper. Because pages are not folded sheets, it is not possible to sew the paper through a fold, so sheets can be glued together at the spine and reinforced by inlaying thin cords across the spine to form a simple but strong bond. Depending on the type of book, pages can alternatively be secured by sewing through the pages near the spine, securing them firmly, but potentially restricting the book from opening flat.
Here, pages are printed onto folded sheets which are typically collated into groups of four. This allows the pages to be hand-sewn together forming a very strong book block. The printing of pages can be awkward since the order of pages depends on a number of factors (page 1 might need to be next to page 16 for example!) Ideal when you want a durable, traditional looking binding.
Similar to the quarter leather version, but the book is fully bound in leather to give a very durable and attractive finish. Numerous colours are available, and usually goatskin is used for its strength, attractive grain and flexibility.The additional leather and the preparation it requires does make this a slightly more expensive option.
What are the main features?
A square looking book where the pages of the book form a square block. There would typically be a groove (sometimes known as a french joint) between the flat spine and the main board to assist opening. Often this type of binding will be covered with book cloth, but different materials could be used including decorative papers.
The book block has a rounded spine, so you also see a similarly concave effect on the fore edge of the book. 'False bands' can be added on the spine to enhance the book's traditional character. The quarter binding simply means that the spine is covered in leather whilst the rest of the boards are covered in either book cloth of a suitable colour or decorative paper. Simple gold tooling on the spine can enhance the design. 'Half' bindings can also be done where the corners of the book are additionally covered in leather for added protection and to further enhance the appearance. This forms an extremely robust type of binding, essentially unchanged in style for hundreds of years.
The full leather binding is perhaps the most traditional approach, with the whole book covered in leather, usually from a single piece of goatskin. Boards can be attached using tapes or thick cords which create the traditional raised bands  on the spine, though this can be produced in other ways. Along with the round back construction, this makes the book extremely durable as well as very attractive in a traditional style. Gold tooling and other design options  can add to the attractiveness of the binding.
What might the cost be?
This is the lowest cost option for a good solid binding. If the pages are already printed out and supplied to us ready for binding, a book of about 100 A5 pages could be bound in a cloth covered case for about £70 or so. However, if we were required to print out the pages from an MS Word file, this would add upwards of around £40 to the price depending on the amount of any formatting required, colour, etc. Prices will also vary depending upon the size and quantity of pages, materials chosen, labels or titles required, etc. Postage and packing charges are additional where appropriate.
This method of binding takes longer, not least because the pages are sewn together by hand. The materials used are also more costly. However, a quarter leather bound book would typically cost from about £175 or so depending partly on the number of pages.  If the formatting, collating and printing of pages is required (from a suitable MS Word file) this could add from £50 upwards to the price depending on the amount of formatting required*. If more than one copy is required however, further copies will cost less, recognising the collation work is only required once. Prices will vary depending upon size and quantity of pages, materials chosen, labels or titles required, and whether delivery is required quickly. Postage and packing charges are additional where appropriate.
The cost for a full leather binding of this type will typically start from around £195 or so depending mainly on the size of the book, any tooling, titling or other design work required and the leather chosen for the work. Postage and packing charges are additional where appropriate.
For such a special book, perhaps you may also want to consider a custom made matching presentation box or slip case? Please ask for further details.
* Formatting and collation of pages: For sewn books, pages do not just follow in numerical order, since the paper is folded in 'sections' of up to four sheets. Therefore page 1 appears next to page 16, page 2 next to page 15, and so on. Some software packages can do this for you -  Microsoft Word has this facility for example. However it is a time consuming process and can be fiddly, so we are happy to offer you this service for most kinds of written work and would give you a price depending on your particular requirements. Click Here for a free guide to printing and collation on this site in case you wish to do this part of the work yourself.
It is the policy of Signature Bindings to give you a firm price for your particular requirements before you commit to anything.
Please call 0797 2648001 or e-mail for a no-obligation chat.