Bible Repairs

"Thank you so much for doing a truly terrific job on my trusted old friend!
I am deeply moved by the quality of your restoration and I am sure with tender loving care this faithful old Bible of mine will now keep going another 25 years!"
 - K.P.     

Bibles hold a significant and important place in many peoples lives - whether it is an old family tome passed down from generation to generation, or an everyday modern Bible used on a regular basis. Because they are often so well used, these books do however frequently start to fall apart and come to need a little love and attention!
One of the most frequent requests most bookbinders get is to repair a Family Bible. These volumes are often in a poor state of repair, having been handed down through several generations. They are often large books, sometimes with brass clasps and edges, and frequently bound in full leather with heavily tooled and sculpted covers.
Although there are a reasonable number of family Bibles around from the eighteenth century and earlier, the majority of Bibles seen are Victorian when it was popular to have an impressive Bible in the home and to record in them details of family births, deaths and marraiges. It is often this family information and the accompanying inscriptions which hold the value for the owners of the Bible, being a tangible link back to previous generations
"You have really done wonderful work in restoring part of my family's heritage and I will be proud to pass the book on to my Great-niece in years to come."
- S.B. 
How Much will a Bible Repair Cost?
Because Victorian Bibles were so popular around the turn of the last century, they are generally not rare items and so do not usually hold significant intrinsic value. Nevertheless, owners of such family heirlooms understandably want to preserve these fascinating and precious books for future generations, and Signature Bindings are pleased to restore them back to a strong and useable condition.
Typical work might involve reattaching the boards, repairing split inner and outer joints, re-dying scuffed and worn covers, and in many cases total or partial resewing of the text block itself. As a result, there is usually a significant amount of work involved. Of course each book is different and will require a different amount of attention, so we would only be able to give you a firm price for the work once we have seen the Bible first hand. However, based on the work we have done in the past, a typical large Victorian Bible repair might typically cost in the £295 to £395 region, plus postage where applicable.
Of course there are many other types of Bible from pocket editions, 'Yapp' bound volumes, and presentation copies to large ornate altar Bibles, and costs will vary depending on the nature of the work required. At Signature Bindings we handle your Bible with respect and care and are happy to offer advice and suggestions regarding suitable repair or re-binding options.
If you are interested in having your Bible repaired, a great way to start, if you have the facility to do so, would be to send some photographs by e-mail to showing the main areas of damage requiring attention. I should then be able send you an estimate before you decide whether or not to proceed. In all cases I would send you a firm quotation, once I have seen the Bible first hand, so you know exactly what you will be paying before I start any work. If you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch for a chat, and I will be glad to help where I can.


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